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Shooting Clinic @ Heartland

Thursday, June 26, 5:10-6:10PM
Friday, June 27, 6:50-7:50PM
Cost $95.00 Each

Email Larry To Secure You Spot:  lpedrie@yahoo.com

LP Hockey NAPS Midwest Champions

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Checking Clinic @ Heartland

Thursday June 26, 6:10-7:10PM
Friday, June 27, 7:50-8:50PM
Cost $95.00 Each

Email Larry To Secure Your Spot: lpedrie@yahoo.com

Battle Camp 2014

This summer LP Hockey is introducing Battle Camp 2014.  The purpose of the Camp is to expose, teach, and drill one of the most critical parts of the game of hockey…BATTLE!

At all levels of hockey, in every game, there are countless puck battles and puck races.  As players get older these battles begin to occur more frequently and the importance of winning these battles increases exponentially.  Success in these battles comes from physical strength, mental strength, and simple techniques and tactics that any player can learn, acquire and incorporate into their game.  It is these battle techniques and tactics that will be taught and drilled at this Camp. 

Being successful in your battles can go a long way to determining the potential impact a player may have when he is on the ice.  It is NOT a coincidence when certain players “seem” to have the puck more often than others.  Players that “seem” to have the puck usually do because they go get the puck!  These players have the ability to pursue and win pucks.  The ability for any player to successfully battle for and win pucks cannot be overvalued.  All great players have this attribute, and for some it is the one attribute that sets them apart from most of their opponents.

Take advantage of learning these skills and enroll in LP Hockey Battle Camp 2014.

Just Defenseman Camp 2014

This summer LP Hockey will again hold its highly successful Defenseman Camp 2014.  This Camp is now entering its 10th season and has proven over the years to bring great value to many young defensemen.  The Camp focuses solely on the defenseman, and teaches the necessary skills and positioning concepts that are important for the development of all young defensemen.

Too often the defense position is not taught properly, or not taught at all.  Many coaches do not have first-hand experience at playing or teaching defense, and simply don’t understand or are unable to teach defesnemen specific skills and proper positioning for specific situations.  In this Camp I will teach and drill many necessary defenseman skills, and also cover positional responsibilities for many situations that repeatedly occur throughout a game. 

I have always believed that a good defenseman is very good in all 1 in 1 situations.  This would include rushes, puck battles, net front play, and tight space areas.  Also critical to a defenseman’s success is his ability to make a first-pass play to get his team moving up the ice.  We will work repeatedly on these areas in this Camp.  Every player will complete the Camp with having been drilled in position specific skills, and all players will have an improved understanding of how to positionally play their defense.

Take advantage of this Camp and enroll today.

Dates,Times, Location, & Cost

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Dates,Times, Location, & Cost

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High Intensity Training 2014

The High Intensity Training Program (HIT), operated by LARRY PEDRIE, will return again this Summer for a 3rd season and begin on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. The program is designed for the elite level travel player that is serious and dedicated about his development, and is willing to commit the time and effort over the summer to become a significantly improved hockey player. This program will provide ice time, strong competition, and elite level coaching. HIT will accept only players with travel hockey experience who are serious and dedicated hockey players.

The purpose of the HIT Camp will be to train, teach, and improve the skills and concepts for all players. This goal is achieved by combining the best players with elite level coaching. Through this structure the players will compete with and against top competition, and will be afforded repeated drilling and instruction that will steer their development and understanding of the game to a higher level.

I believe that the most optimal way to improve players is to conduct practices at a game-tempo high intensity pace, where all players are kept moving. All of the practices in the HIT program will follow that principle. I believe in pushing players to give their best, and I demand their best effort every time they are on the ice. I have also learned that when players are put in a competitive, structured, positive environment their improvement accelerates exponentially, and they enjoy a practice that is always moving.


The HIT Camp will begin on Tuesday June 3, running thru Thursday July 12.

A total of 15 sessions will take place 3 times per week, with all practices taking place in the late mornings @ Center Ice of DuPage (CID).  All practice are 60 minutes in length. HIT will take place on the following dates and be seperated into 2 groups:

June 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26          July 8, 9, 10

Group 1 (02-04) 10:00-11:00am        Group II (99-01) 11:10am-12:10om


The cost of the program is $350.00

Payment must be made by Mail:

Larry Pedrie

600 Waukegan Rd Unit 132

Nothbrook IL 60062


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